Pumpkin Jelly Rolls and So Much More!

Written by: Grandma Recipe Box Team

I love this time of year! It's getting colder, and for me, it's time to start getting out the baking pans, the candy thermometer and stock up on sugar!

 We have to start with the jelly rolls. And even though we do prefer the Japanese ones, everyone likes a good pumpkin roll.
So, I'll start with a pumpkin roll, then throw in others we found around the web and let you guys take them for a test drive. Let us know what you think of our selections!


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Pumpkin Roll Recipe


 Don't be intimidated! Pumpkin rolls are easy to make and to roll, just take your time and if you have to practice. With this recipe though, you will have tons of takers to help eat up your imperfections!


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Swiss Chocolate Roll

Who doesn't love chocolate? Not me! Eugenie over at Eugenie's Kitchen has a recipe to die for! Go over and take a look at the recipe and give it a try tonight!

 Matcha Roll

Matcha Roll

When my kids were growing up, they loved getting baked good and goodies made with matcha! this is a wonderful roll that is sure to please! Head over to Yummly and grab this recipe now!


Festive Jelly Roll

This beauty is a great one for those holiday get togethers. Alie Romano posted this on her website, Baking For Friends. Go over and grab the recipe and let her know how great this is!

 Carrot Cake Jelly Roll courtesy Food Network

Carrot Cake Jelly Roll

Ok, call me crazy, but I sometimes hate Food Network.  They have so many goodies to choose from, I get fat just looking at the pictures. This jelly roll is no exception. I love carrot cake, but this one takes the cake!

 fresh strawberry cake rollsMimi

Fresh Strawberry Japanese Swiss Roll


Over at Indulg with Mimi, we have images and a recipe that is begging to be made and Mimi does a great job with showing how to make those famous Japanese swiss rolls. In fact she does such a great job, that we have another recipe featured again below. Go and check out her recipe and her website. Thanks Mimi!

 chocolate cake roll

 Oh so Fluffy and Oh So Soft Japanese Chocolate Swiss Roll

Mimi has definitely outdone herself. This recipe is one to die for and one that can't be forgotten in the holiday giving time. It doesn't take too long to make and the results are definitely worth it. Head over to Indulge with Mimi and grab this delectable treat!

 fluffy swiss rolls recipe main photo

Fresh From the Bakery

This recipe is just like the ones you can find at the bakery. Cookpad.Japan had this to say:


I made swiss rolls made with the egg yolk and white separately beaten. It turned out really fluffy and delicious like a chiffon cake.

I recommend filling this cake with just cream. It is delicate and fluffy and will lose its taste and texture if filled with fruits. If you prefer to fill this with chunky fillings, I recommend beating the egg whole instead of separating. "


Go over and grab the recipe for yourself and make this for your office party this season!

 Gingerbread Swiss Roll

Tis The Season for Gingerbread!

This holiday season just wouldn't be complete without some gingerbread in any way, shape, or from. Angela over at Divalicious Recipes shares this wonderful treat and is sure to be a crowd pleaser and is low carb too!  Hop on over and grab this recipe today!

 Espresso Roll

 Espresso Swiss Roll


I found this blog The Fussy Palate and thought I'd give this recipe a try. I'm hoping you'll like it as much as I do!

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Need a More Traditional Jelly Roll?

Jaime Geller has a wonderful recipe when nothing but the original will do.  The softness of the cake combined with the jelly will satify even the most discerning palate. Give this one a go!

 Orange Angel Jelly Roll

Orange Angel Food Jelly Roll


Who doesn't like angel food cake? with this wonderful orange filling, this treat from taste of home user Michelle says: 

I came up with this dessert just in time for Easter. Everyone agreed the flavor reminded them of orange creamsicles. It was a definite hit!

 Double Lemon Swiss Roll Cake 1

For Those Who Can't get Enough Lemon


I love lemony things, my lemon bars never make it past 1 day and nether does this treat. At Mammamias recipes, they have this delectable Double Lemon Swiss Roll just asking for the taking. Its to be sure, if you show up to a party with this one or give it to your friends this holiday season, you will have a friend for life!