Great Meals for Your Wild Game

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game meat 6607794 640It's that time of year again, and you have a freezer full of game: elk, moose, venison, or even rabbit. Don't know what you are going to do with it? Don't want to waste it? Never fear! We have the recipes you need to make those meats into amazing meals.




Stuffed Venison Backstrap

Pitmaster, Malcolm Reed at has an amazing video on Stuffed Venison Backstrap. It is amazing and yes, you may have to pull the grill out again, but we promise, it's a fantastic dish and well worth the bother.

The recipe is in the description, but if it vanishes, you can find it here:

Stuffed Venison Backstrap

Visit Reed's website at How to BBQ Right for more wonderful recipes for the grill!

 Venison Chili
Venison Chili

It's getting cold and what better recipe for your venison chili than the one we found at Top this wonderful recipe off with sour cream, cheese, and some chopped green onions, and have a stomach that thanks you!

 - Find the recipe here - Venison Chili

 - but if it vanishes, you can find it here.

Be sure to head to

Country Fried Venison
Country Fried Venison

Venison is great, but this recipe is really good. Taste of Home posted this gem you really ought to try. Just make sure you soak the meat overnight before cooking this recipe.

You can find the recipe here - Taste of Home Country Fried Venison.

If it vanishes, you can find it here: Country Fried Venison

Elk Steak in Cast Iron

For this recipe, we go back to Malcolm Reed and his youtube channel for this irresistible treat.

Reed does an amazing job of letting you taste the wonderful flavors of the meat by keeping the spices to a minimum.

Go to the description for the recipe, or you can find it here - Elk Steak in Cast Iron.


 - Visit Reed's website at How to BBQ Right for more wonderful recipes for the grill!

Crock Pot Elk Stew
Elk Stew

A crockpot is a cook's best friend, especially if the cook is super busy. This stew is a bit of work for people on a schedule, but we are sure you'll love this recipe.

You can find the recipe at A Ranch Mom - Elk Stew

Elk Lasagne
Elk Lasagne

Lasagne is always a favorite at the dinner table, but this recipe makes it a treat! It has cream cheese, alfredo sauce, AND marinara sauce. What more could you ask for?

Grab this recipe at - Elk Lasagne.

If it vanishes, you can find it here: Elk Lasagne.

Moose Meatballs & Stuffed Onion Rings

This fun channel on youtube took moose and made an amazing meal! This unique twist to a family favorite is definitely worth the try. check out Micah's Crazy Kitchen for more recipes and great Ideas

the recipe can be found in the description of the video, but if it vanishes, you can find it here - Moose Meatballs & Stuffed Onion Rings.

 Moose Dinner 720x720.jpg
Smokey Moose Meat Dinner

Who doesn't like a skillet? I know I love them. They're easy to make and are so good to eat. This skillet has the wonderful tase of moose, asparagus, beans and more!

Head over to Homemade Food junkie and pick this recipe up and try it out tonight!

Smokey Moose Meat Skillet Dinner

Winter Rabbit Marsala

Backwoods Gourmet Channel recipe begs you to get out your Dutch oven, take that fresh wild winter rabbit, and put it in the pot, add vegetables, mushrooms, and voila! A dish fit for a king!


Winter Rabbit Marsala


Venison Chili
Rabbit Pot Pie with Wild Mushrooms

Pot pies are the ultimate comfort food for winter, and if you have a wild rabbit you don't know what to do with, then this is the recipe for you. Make a pie crust by hand, throw in your freshly harvested vegetables, and put it in the oven. In no time, the wonderful aromas will waft through the house!

 At Eat the Love, you can get the recipe and take it for a spin! Let us know what you think


pork 1329681 640
Slow Cooker Wild Boar Pork Sliders

If you are looking for a leaner diet then wild boar might be a consideration. This recipe for your slow cooker is an amazing recipe and well worth taking a look. Go over to Chef Denis' website and pick up the recipe!


pork tenderloin 6164653 640
Honey Thyme Marinated Wild Boar Tenderloin

 Pork is a wonderful meat, but wild boar takes the cake. This recipe for wild boar tenderloin is not only healthy but delicious.

Head over to Wide Open Eats and take a look at this recipe. It is well worth the time!.




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