Holiday Beverages for all Palates

Written by: Gramma Recipebox

christmas 3011549 640It is that time again, where we all get together with friends and family to celebrate the holidays. This year, we thought we'd share some of the recipes that will keep the holidays happy and perhaps add a new tradition to your celebrations:






First, we need to start with that old favorite, egg nog:

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No holiday would be complete without this old favorite! 


Holiday Egg Nog

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 Helping the kids build a snowman? Spend a long day on the slopes? Then this treat is one that will be sure to warm you to your toes!


Hot Spiced Cider



 drink 5298126 640

 Want something a bit more sparkly for your celebrations? How about this?


White Christmas Slush

 autumn 3679752 640

 This next recipe was always a favorite at my house. When dad was in the kitchen, making this, then you KNEW it was Christmas:

Dad's Wassail

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 Need a punch for your party? Try this one!


Crowd Pleaser Punch

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How about an old fashioned hot toddy?

Prune Hot Toddy